Arbitrage in Blockchain ? The Platforms I've tried Part one
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Arbitrage in Blockchain ? The Platforms I've tried Part one



Read this before if you don't know what arbitrage is ...

DISCLAIMER: In this post I will talk of one of the platfom I've succesfully tried.

  • Please note this platform at the moment hasn't a mobile phone app.
  • The post contain referral link with my personal explanation, testimonial, screenshot and / or explanatory video... 
  • If you don't agree with this type of content, just don't read ;)

Mind Capital


This is one of the Best platform I've tried. Is Spanish but it talk your language. it's very simple to use and offer a quite good revenue doing almost nothing (Just wait 90 days before you can take your crypto/money/interest)

I have started a few days ago with about 40$ and obtained about 1$ in a few day ...  You can invest from 40 MCoin to 40000 MCoin (1Mcoin=1$) obviously in BTC. Is stable and there is a well known person behind it called Gonzalo García-Pelayo (you can google him if you want ;).


arbitrage operation

Above you can see a bunch of automatic arbitration movement done by the platform (I've hided the exchanges for privacy) and as the say

The IDs of the operations are hidden following the recommendations of the exchanges. It is possible to follow the verification of the operations in the technical videos

And of course below the 1st technical presentation they have done. Is very long but they explain everything you need to know!.

So here's my PRO and CONS

Difficulty: medium / high a bitcoin wallet is required
Pros: insured annuity with small amounts and no intervention necessary. 
Cons: not finded atm


Link to join Mind.Capital 

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Sustainable Revenues with Blockchain
Sustainable Revenues with Blockchain

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