Investing at the moment in blockchain project... Is it safe ? What happening on Arbistar Mind Capital and Mirror trading ?

As you have seen in the last period some of the best project I have recommended are loosing profits or are stuck. Arbistar has frozen most of our investments... Even if isn't disappered (the exit scam is a tipical reaction of company like this) they are paying out very few people with too little "money". 

Mind Capital has lost the possibility to use external exchanges, so the profitability is very low at the moment but you can withdraw all of your capital with some sustainable fees if the 90 day limit has passed.

Mirror trading is disappeared, since the last part of december 2020 and at the moment either the domain isnt reachable. 

So what we can do ? All company will exit scam or will close and disappear and we will lose our money ? And will this continue to happen in the future ?

Luckily the answer is no. But we need to remember the GOLD RULE


Never Invest More Than You Can Afford to Lose ...


I'm playing with blockchain since the first btc block was mined but at the moment I've lost money with more than 10 platform, lost money with some ICO and has some "stuck" wallet in the last project I've spoked about but despite all this I'm not at a loss.

Here's my philosophy ... (click on the image to see the animation)

investing ..And it's not a joke... At the moment all the project I know lasts from six months to 2 year. I always withdraw when I can and I diversify my money investment in different project even if one seems more profictable than the others ... 


In the next days I will post other project I'm in and how they work... But in the meantime if you are searching for a modern digital bank account (where you can start moving with trading in a simple way) I can suggest to you

RevolutI'm using since it born and now  I'm sure that if you are smart enough you will apprecciate it ;)


Stay tuned









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Sustainable Revenues with Blockchain
Sustainable Revenues with Blockchain

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