Arbitrage in Blockchain ? Now is time to restart!

DISCLAIMER: In this post I will talk of another of the platfom I've succesfully tried and I'm still using

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Read this before if you don't know what arbitrage is ...


I was stuck for about six months since the last premature death of some projects I was following and so as (un)cautious investor as I am I was lurking into different plaform and this time I feel confident enough so I'm writing my experience ;)




 Well, "your life's best opportunity "sounds too much exaggerated,but is a very good chance to earn something in this "gamble world" of crypto.




Anyway, this is a new platform from Dubai acting in Forex and Crypto market. The idea is simple, the business is transparent (you can see the CEO in the face) . They have a clear referral program and one sentences they say that "hit" me is:

After 3 years our math experts predict that we will reach the maximum number of people in the system. At this stage we will close the MLM, as it will begin to compromise the financial structures of the company due to the infinite binary bonus.

and this is very important, in my experience project I've been into grow without any prediction or plan (and this is BAD) so the bots can't support what will happen and the project die with pain.

At the moment they are in prelaunch fase, so there is more bonus for "startupping".

the mig

They have their own stablecoin called "Themig"



and this stable coin is for people that

cannot take the risks associated with the high volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies, which can fluctuate drastically every day.

Obviously is on blockchain (ethereum) and for me is another good point!

You have to pay and subscribe to the license (about 150$, and this is another good thing) and you can start with 50$ plan. At the moment I have earned about 15% monthly and you can withdraw after 30 days with 5% fee and minimal withdrawal of 100€ (in bitcoin or themig)

I won't talk about referral, career, binary, team and stuff like that cause I don't care too much of MLM but you can see all on their website and more important than all it seem sustainable 




Another thing that for me is a must, they have also a social project called Aldasocial





Difficulty: low. 
Pros: A simple monthly plan, a social project called Aldasocial
Cons: not finded atm

here's the promo video of the Official launch on 25/05 at Dubai


Link to join aldasocial

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Sustainable Revenues with Blockchain
Sustainable Revenues with Blockchain

Welcome, if the question you are asking is : "Is possible to earn with the blockchain?" Then you are in the right place! I'll show you a "bunch" of real experiences made by a"(un)cautious investor" and methods to avoid risking to throw away the few savings we have or even better starting from scratch, learning something on the blockchain and why not earning some cash in a "sustainable" way . I will leave out all highly speculative practices because they are highly dangerous and therefore not recommended

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