Easy steps to stop your shopping addiction
Count your blessings, you might not really need new clothes

Easy steps to stop your shopping addiction

...or at least put it on hold

Are you spending more than you rationally would on stuff you don't necessarily need?

You are not alone!

I have found a way to stop my shopping addiction and I would like to share it with you.

I found the idea of counting my blessings, having an overview of all that I already have, and asking myself what do I really want, before buying anything else, really helped.

I needed a crash intervention, so I went full Marie Kondo style and I dumped on the floor all of the clothes I had in the closet.

Then I started rediscovering and reorganizing all the stuff I already had. 

You can also go one drawer at a time not to get a huge mess, but I really needed to stop buying clothes, so I spend a full afternoon doing this.

The next few weeks I wore combinations of outfits in new ways that gave me joy. I didn't feel I needed any new piece of clothing.

Then one Saturday, I suddenly stopped in front of a shop window and I felt the urge to get a new scarf.

I was almost inside the shop, but I managed to stop myself and I asked myself a few questions "What do I really want?", "How will my life be different if I get this new scarf?"

Did I really want the scarf? I actually could visualize myself wearing the scarf, having tea with my best friend. What I really wanted was to meet my best friend, who I hadn't seen in months. I didn't really want the scarf. 

Would my life be different by having this new scarf? Not really.

So, I didn't buy it. I saved the money and I invited my friend to have a cup of tea. We had a heartwarming afternoon.

...and I wore another scarf I already had.

Hope you find it helpful and you adapt it and develop your own version, one that works for you.

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