Faucet Crypto: Legit Faucet Sites Part 1

Faucet Crypto: Legit Faucet Sites Part 1

Earn Free Crypto Currency

Withdraw Daily Instant Payment

No investment Needed

  Part 1




I would to introduce to you the faucet that I currently using today, its called FaucetCrypto.com.  FaucetCrypto  is a website which is a multi coin faucet which also gives users a way to earn some cyptocoins by completing tasks. You will be able to earn Bitcoin and altcoins by using their service. The coin that the users will get for is an internal currency designated cryptocoin to exchange it to any supported cryptocoin that users choose to withdraw. 


Payment Method

Its minimum withdrawal amount is 500.00 Coins which is worth 0.00000135 BTC.  According to my current status, I have a withdraw limit of 4059.42 Coins per day because it says that my withdraw limit will increased by leveling up and indicating users.


  There are 2 option on withdrawing your balance: 

      1. Faucetpay.io (FP) microwallet account which I currently using for BTC or ETH. 

      2. Direct Withdraw (WD)- another option that you can use for some cryptocoin  that is the better one. Which sent directly to your wallet. Currently, they support DP for Blackcoin (BLK), Bitcore(BTX), Dash(DASH), Digibyte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Komodo (KMD), and also Litecoin (LTC).  Honestly, I'm not familiar with this (DW) sorry please bear with me 😇.


Proof of Payment and History 

When you reach the minimum withdrawal amount 500 Coins or more, you can withdraw it and sent it to your faucetpay account using your email account. You can see the amounts that I have withdraw at my history page, I started earning from the month of March till now. I'm using the latest page for this. 

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To Register


After you register and verify your account, please disable your Ad blocker for this site and refresh this page to continue. Ads are their primary revenue stream. login. Register.


Ways of Earning


To earn here, you need to complete free claim, bonus claim, shortlinks, achievement claim, and offerwalls task. By doing this, your reward with the certain amount of internal coin known as Coin. Another one, to level up is easy by completing the free claim, shortlink tasks, achievement offerwall task and also ptc ads. For quick level up, you can use their referral program which you also get 25% profit from other user(s) who under your account.


These are their cryptocurrencies

As you can see, they have 17 supporting Cryptocurrencies.



Some of the Cryptocurrencies are under maintenance but still pay instantly.



If your interested, feel free to click this link:

👉👉👉https://newsonthegotoday.com/oqbj9d 👈👈👈   or    

👉👉👉  https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/118444 👈👈👈 




This faucet is legit and pays regularly, it easy to make claims except for shortlinks I'm having a hard time on that one plus the slow internet here.... You can make lots of claims, well of course keep in mind that it has a withdrawal limit with totally free of charge no investment needed. And also, when you withdraw its really sent it directly to your wallet which is the Faucepay.io and that would be the our next topic. 






Thank you for reading this blog 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️. If you know some websites that legit, paying and also totally free, feel free to comment below. Thank you once again... 






Disclaimer: I do not own the images that I used to make this blog. The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only.  It should not be  considered as a financial advice. It may or may not work with you. Please make DO YOUR own research. Thank you.


I am an introvert person but that doesn't mean I don't like to try new things. I'm quite adventurous in my own way 👩👩😊😊. Just wanted to earn and learn new things.

Legit Earning Website & Apps
Legit Earning Website & Apps

In this blog, I'm going to share only the survey sites and Apps that I use. No hate No Judgement PLEASE

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