The uneven systems of Publish0x, Readcash and Hive. NoiseCash on the other hand... (early review)

By MakisWarrior | Surfing & Adventure | 19 Feb 2021

Hi everyone! I usually post short quotations... Quotes that have been said by wise and great figures. I like to collect them! I like them because in such short space someone can say something that has a lot of power that can even transform lives and energies! Usually they have greater power than long writings, even if they are simple!

I like that NoiseCash is for short articles. I am beginning to enjoy more and more of it, little by little.


Link to an article where an $11,000 tip has been rewarded on ReadCash:

On the other hand, reflecting on my parallel (beginner) journeys with Readcash, Publish0x, and Hive... Maybe their systems are designed in a way that some articles will not get any views at all. Many can even write great quality of articles and not get any views or tips, and someone else can get a tip like $10,000 or more! Maybe their systems in the future could evolve and become less uneven.

What do you think?

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Surfing & Adventure
Surfing & Adventure

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