Introduction to SureRemit - Bringing Fairness to Global Remittances

By Saras | SureRemit | 9 Jul 2019

Today, we mark the beginning of SureRemit on Publish0x. We would be bringing out updates on our product to this portal. Here is a quick brief about SureRemit and the problem that we are trying to solve. Looking forward to interacting with the community.




FAQ: What is SureRemit?

SureRemit is a Stellar blockchain powered global ecosystem of merchants that delivers purposeful non-cash remittances in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of legacy remittance services. Through our app you purchase RMT tokens and vouchers that you can send to your family, friends and loved ones, all over the world. It's instant, easy, and costs a fraction of what you would normally pay to transmit value.

Learn more on the SureRemit website: and download the app, for free, in the Apple and Google app stores.


FAQ: What kinds of things can I do with SureRemit?

SureRemit users worldwide have countless practical applications for their RMT tokens. Sending value to friends and family is painless, practical, instantaneous, and essentially free. You can even send vouchers to yourself.

While many merchants in the SureRemit network are global, some vouchers will specific to certain countries. If some of these services aren’t available where you would like rest assured that the team is working relentlessly to grow the network. Merchants in over 20 countries are being on-boarded in June of 2019! Here's a few examples of what you can do with SureRemit:

  1. Pay your mom’s electric bill.

  2. Send your grandmother a grocery voucher.

  3. Top up a family member’s mobile minutes.

  4. Send a friend an Amazon voucher.

  5. Buy a friend a Starbuck’s latte – or ten.

  6. Pay your family’s cable TV bill.

  7. Pay your child’s college tuition.

  8. Send a loved one a pharmacy voucher for medicine.

  9. Buy airline tickets.

  10. Pay your family’s internet service bill.

  11. Pay your member dues in professional organizations.

  12. Donate to the charity of your choice.

  13. Send your wife a voucher for a day at the spa.

  14. Send a friend movie tickets.

  15. Send colleagues a restaurant voucher to recognize their hard work.

  16. Send the bookworm in your family a bookstore voucher.

  17. Buy a voucher redeemable for a full detail at a car spa.

  18. Give mom a break – send her a laundry and dry cleaning voucher.

  19. Remodel your entire kitchen. Yes, you can do that.

  20. Send your son a voucher for a new suit before his first interview.

  21. Send your nieces and nephews vouchers for their local amusement park.

  22. Buy video games with vouchers redeemable at major retailers and game stores.

  23. Have brunch delivered.

  24. Send a new mother a voucher for baby supplies and toys.

  25. Entertain someone with a Virgin Megastore voucher.

  26. Book a hotel for your next vacation.

With SureRemit you will be able to control how your money is used and your friends and loved ones will receive the full value of your contribution. Your gift won’t be wasted on expensive and unnecessary fees.


FAQ: Why are remittances important?

A large percentage of the world’s population still depend on remittances to make ends meet. The current model of global remittance relies on providers who charge high fees and delay the process by up to days at a time. This creates complexity, inconvenience, and often exclusivity in global remittance. SureRemit provides migrants access to instant and fee-less transfer of value, putting billions of dollars back into the pockets of under-served communities.

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SureRemit cuts out high-fee middlemen and ensures remittances are spent on intended purposes. SureRemit’s blockchain back-end allows users to pay a relative’s electric bill, send vouchers for groceries, top off mobile minutes, and much much more all within seconds while providing security and payment accountability.


FAQ: What kind of blockchain technology does SureRemit use?

SureRemit is powered by Stellar – a system designed from the ground up to promote global financial access. With its ability to tokenize any asset and built in decentralized exchange Stellar is perfectly suited for near instantaneous and almost free cross-border transactions.


FAQ: Will senders, receivers, or merchants have to worry about fluctuations in the value of RMTs? Not at all. Using U.S. dollars as an example: If a customer buys a $20 Amazon voucher SureRemit will guarantee the appropriate payment to Amazon and the receiver of the voucher will get the full $20 value regardless of market fluctuations. SureRemit assumes the risk of settlement. This topic was covered in the team’s first AMA.    


FAQ: Why did SureRemit decide to use a blockchain/token solution? What are the benefits?

The underlying blockchain/crypto-token technology layer allows the team to deliver value across borders (and currency types) in a seamless and near-instantaneous (seconds) fashion.  SureRemit is uniting the numerous benefits of these emerging technologies with the proven and immediately scalable non-cash remittance model in which they have already had success. For more details on SureRemit’s business model and the underlying technology that powers it please review the SureRemit whitepaper.


FAQ: Where is the merchant ecosystem active on SureRemit?    



*(As on 3rd July)

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SureRemit is an ecosystem for global non-cash remittances powered by the Stellar. SureRemit is bringing convenient, and nearly free remittances to the world. There is no easier way to share value with family members, friends, employees and colleagues.

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