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🍞 Wednesday April 13 - 2022 🍞 @alcohol

🍞 Dear Diary 🍞

There is very interesting with whisky I must say, you put something in a barrel and then you tap it up years later and its worth a lot of money and you can change personality.Β 

I get dizzy drinking it, telling jokes all the time, I think it’s jokes anyway.Β 

Brian always start to fight so I tricked him to fight the firewood so now we have sorted the hole week.Β 

I wonder how this can be legal.

SurDegen in Metaverse

I saw a Company that have opened a like a big mall just for party and drinking their brand, guess this is something that comes with the new health problems that people sit still to much. If you are a more than 4 people that want different brand on your drinks you have to go to 4 different bars.Β 

SurDegen in Metaverse

This gatherings are exiting, there are like a fashion show everytime, people dress up fabulous, but I don’t dear… ohh dear… I feel a bit outside, can’t really be that happy with all of my problems. And imagine a bored angel ape dancing?Β 

My shoes are still wet!



XOXOX SurDegen

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🍞 S u r D e g e n 🍞
🍞 S u r D e g e n 🍞

🍞 I am a DegenApe that lives in Metaverse and write my diary about how I see the world of crypto from my point of view, I ask questions and share my thoughts. I join faucets, givaway, NFT and DEFI.🍞 https://www.instagram.com/surdegen_nft/

SurDegen in Metaverse
SurDegen in Metaverse

🍞I act as a newbie, I ask questions and share my thoughts all around crypto and relate to normal things in life combined with normal things in life. I hang around all different spaces and collect giveaways, NFT, faucets and Defi. I live in metaverse and 🍞 Twitter: @SurdegenS Discord: SurDegen #9521

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