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Will Splinterlands Eventually Become a Metaverse Game?

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 6 Mar 2022



I was just thinking about Splinterlands and how we still don't know all the details about what exactly people will be able to do with the land plots that have been purchased. I know that you will be able to create and sell in-game items and there will be an additional level of gameplay within battles as a result, but I am just thinking of all the possibilities for what to do with that land going forward.

We see games like Decentraland and The Sandbox already allowing you to walk around in a free-flowing style and explore their NFT-powered metaverse landscapes. I am wondering if this will ever be the case in Splinterlands. I can imagine a day where you are able to travel to anyones plot of land and there will be different gameplay options happening there.

A list of some ideas that I was thinking and I hope the team employs in some way:

  • Allowing players to host tournaments at their land plots and make fees off of it.
  • Allowing players to open up digital stores at their plots.
  • Allowing for players to display artwork or build on their land in an artistic way that cannot be destroyed by other players.
  • The opening of some type of mini-game style game that can only be accessed through metaverse style play.
  • Chat and voicechat functions to communicate with nearby players.

It is so weird to think about the fact that every day we are moving closer to living in a reality that is completely digital, yet here we are. I hope that we never reach a point that everything happens online, gaming and social-fi are one thing, but the concept of the metaverse allows for so much creativity I'm worried people won't want to leave!

I am convinced that the Splinterlands team have something big in store for us with the eventual land implementation. Things seem to be just getting started for Splinterlands and the rest of the Hive ecosystem.

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