SPS Bouncing Back!

By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 15 Feb 2022




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As a great prophet once said: "Last night took an L but tonight I'll bounce back"



SPS has made a real comeback push in terms of price and the momentum seems to be fueled by the many market catalysts including the Waka Flocka summoner needing to be bought in SPS and vouchers.

I still believe that we won't see massive price spikes (i.e. a push for 50 cents or 1 dollar) until the end of the airdrop period simply from a supply and demand perspective: the supply will continue to increase until that point is reached and thus theoretically should be decreasing in value (though I know there are other variables blah blah).

Seeing SPS price jumping a bit is always good for morale, things can get a bit repetitive when you are claiming your rewards each day and it becomes easy to forget that this could be a very strong long term investment when you're only claiming 30-50 cents each day.

Splinterlands mirrors the rest of the Hive blockchain in the sense that it is a compounding machine (I believe @taskmaster4450le and @jfang003 have used this description). By staking your SPS you are generating slightly more staking rewards each time and hopefully by the end of this airdrop period you will have hit your goals! I'm rapidly approaching mine, I might have to restrategize as I plan on buying some assets in the game next month and will hopefully increase my airdrop quota as a result.

The futures of Splinterlands and SPS are bright, I just wanted to share some positive news to remind everyone to keep on going!

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