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By R23 | Supportive Crypto Community | 18 Mar 2022



For all the excitement around the PolyCub airdrop and xPolyCub, I am a bit surprised in the lack of price movement that the CUB token has experienced... At least that's what I was saying until just a few hours ago.





I have been accumulating as much CUB as my budget was allowing over the last week in order to get as much out the airdrop as I possibly could and was surprised that each time I was making a buy, the price was either a little lower or pretty much the same as the previous purchase.

It looks like someone absolutely fat thumbed it and made a monster purchase of CUB to shoot the price up roughly 13.25% in a matter of seconds. It looks like there was a purchase of just over 121,000 CUB that were then staked into a liquidity pool (likely the CUB Kingdom). Along with a few other decent sized buys, this looks like it was a massive day for CUB and the total value locked into the site.

I am a big fan of the DeFi tools that are being released by @leofinance and I hope that getting in early on them will pay dividends in the future. It seems that most DeFi projects simply don't make it, or a rug pull happens, or for any number of reasons it fails; this platform has been around for a year providing consistent results and I really think that it is putting it's money where it's mouth is and creating something great in relative silence.

I will be continuing to add to my CUB holdings, even though I will get roughly 13.25% less bang for my buck now that this huge purchase was made. Keep an eye on CUB!


Good luck with your trades everyone!

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