SuperUMAns #24 - Plant a tree with a re-tweet (multi-lingual article)

By PVMihalache | SuperUMAns | 29 Mar 2022

Bilingual and multicultural anons - We need your help to plant trees! As you may have seen, Risk Labs is offering $10k to plant trees based on the number of retweets this tweet can get

I already wrote about the amazing charity based KPI option created by UMA and my expectation and hopes where that the post will reach 10,000 re-tweets in a flash. A simple click will add $1 towards tree planting... but some prefer to do this for cats videos or giveaways with 0.0001% win chance. Why didn't you retweet until now? Two days left so let's make a final push and raise more money for a better tomorrow!


OneTree is the newest KPI option from UMA Protocol, a eco-friendly and charitable KPI that will pay out based on the number of retweets. Each OneTree KPI option is collateralized with 1 USDC. After expiration, each KPI option will settle to be worth between 0 and 1 USDC.


If 10,000 retweets are made, the contract will settle for 1 USDC. If less than 10,000 retweets are made, the collateral will settle based on the number of retweets between 0 and 10,000. Read all the details in SuperUMAns #23 - KPI Spotlight: Re-tweet to plant a tree


This innovative idea will works because Risk Labs created an ERC20 token calibrated to pay out $1 to TheGivingBlock on behalf of onetreeplanted for each retweet this tweet thread gets. It’s not just “a promise to pay.” It’s a trustless and unstoppable contract that WILL pay.


I really want to help and to make it happen I done my first ever Tweet in my native language! It took me 5 years for the first tweet in Romanian, and is all for a greater cause ... to plant trees! Other SuperUmans followed the idea and many OneTree translations were shared on Twitter! If you have followings from Romania, Malaysia, Spain, the Philippines, an Arabic nation, India/Nepal, or Nigeria - Please RT the relevant tweet below to help plant more trees. 

Romanian: UMAprotocol (Risk Labs Foundation) a blocat $10,000 intr-un smart contract pe @0xPolygon care se va debloca la o valoare egala cu numarul de retweets la linkul de mai sus. La 10,000 de retweets @TheGivingBlock trimite $10,000 la @onetreeplanted pentru plantarea copacilor!

Malaysian: Cara berfungsi ialah Risk Labs telah mencipta token ERC20 yang ditentukur untuk membayar $1 setiap satu kepada TheGivingBlock bagi pihak OneTreePlanted untuk setiap retweet yang diterima oleh benang tweet ini:… Ia bukan sekadar "janji untuk membayar".

Spanish: Esto funciona porque Risk Labs creó un token ERC20 calibrado para pagar $1 cada uno a @TheGivingBlock, en nombre de @onetreeplanted por cada retweet que recibe este hilo de tweet.

Tagalog: E Retweet lamang ito para magtanim nang puno… Totoo ito, para mas maintindihan mo basahin mo ang thread  kung paano ito mangyayari.

French: Un RT pour un arbre  ? UMA est un projet que j'aime, avec un état d'esprit que j'aime, et ils font une opé que j'aime : il suffit de RT LEUR thread (pas juste le mien) pour planter plein d'arbres.  Qu'attendez-vous ?

Hindi: हिंदी भाषियों के लिए एक संदेश इस ट्वीट को रिट्वीट करें और एक पेड़ लगाएं  यह सच में हो रहा है। कैसे? जानने के लिए आगे थ्रेड पढ़ें (ओरिजिनल ट्वीट को रिट्वीट करें)

Nigerian/Youruba: Retweet yi lati gbin igi. Eyi jẹ otito gidi gidi. Ka okun yii lati ni oye bi o ṣe n ṣiṣẹ 

Arabic: ١- رتويت هذا البوست لكي تساهم بزراعة شجرة الرجاء قراءة هذا الثريد لتعرف كيفية القيام بذلك

Turkish: UMA'nın her retweet'e 1 ağaç diken postu.  Şaka değil! Nasıl çalıştığını anlatan tweet dizisini Türkçe'ye çevirdik.

Chinese: 转推此文以种植一棵树。  这其实是真的。阅读这个主题,了解它是如何运作的

As you read this,   $1151 was raised for tree planting, but $ more are still available for distribution. Be part of this charitable social experiment ... Be part of the future of crypto! Retweet the OneTree post to add another dollar in the pot!


Here are the details-- This is what UMA tokenholders will look at to evaluate the outcome:

Here is the contract on UMAverse:

And here is TheGivingBlock’s address holding the LONG tokens:


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