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SuperUMAns #21 - Writing history with uINT

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 6 Jan 2022

The best way to conclude a successful year is to review the achievements! Success is measured by activity and the SuperUMAns HQ was buzzing like a beehive in the last days of 2021, with everyone doing last minute preparations before we moved to our new home. The SuperUMAns DAO is by far the greatest achievement of the year, followed closely by the uINT campaign. The uINT option expired with 24 hours before the fireworks that marked the new year, and the Q4 campaign made history ... the SuperUMAns made history. 


The uINT campaign was only my second full quarterly event, following the Q3 uDAO. The Quarter 3 KPI option ended with 7 UMA tools integrations, and the uDAO price was set by the Optimistic Oracle at 0.35 UMA per uDAO. Bancor integrated Options, while Badger, Aragon, Bankless, B.Protocol, Yel Finance and BarnBridge integrated KPI Options. Once the price was settled, I was able to claim a bag of uDAO!


The expectations for uINT was to match the uDAO integrations. The KPI Option paid out based on the number of integrations that UMA achieved until the expiry date, set on the 30th of December 2021. An successful integration was achieved when a DAO funded with tokens one of the following: KPI options, Call/Put options, Range Bonds or Success Tokens. The value calculations were made automatically by UMA's Optimistic Oracle and the OO can do this in a crushhhh!


The uINT value per integration was the most rewarding KPI Option so far, paying 0.1 UMA per standard integration. Volatility DAO funded KPI Options with only few days into October, with Pool Together opting for the same product. PieDAO integration was completed in November, and the uINT value grew to 0.3 UMA per uINT token. This KPI was bright ... not a deadcoin!


The SuperUMAns worked hard to achieve more integrations, and to build the framework for the SuperUMAns DAO. Three more KPI options were integrated in December, adding Yel Finance, XIO and DFX to the list. We were heading towards the end of quarter party, and the 0.6 UMA per uDAO ratio was a good reason to celebrate. I was a happy chicken ... warm and fuzzy inside ... strong as an rhorse outside! 


The neondaemon was set and the music was echoing on the channel. When everyone was in party mood, another reason for celebration was announced ... as Qi Finance funded a KPI Option. This last minute integration raised the uINT value at 0.7 UMA. The show went on for 25 hours, with another Charity Chain, Trivia, Poker Tournament and the best drive for an even better 2022. This party was TheRealTuna ... this party was the best party in the Cryptoverse!


The uINT Option expired on the 30th of December 2021 and become claimable for 0.7 UMA per uINT. I claimed mine in 2022, while hoping for lower gas fees. The claiming process was quick and efficient, thanks to the straight forward claiming page on the UMAverse website. No Coach was needed to complete the claim!


I always had an issue with gas fees, and I always feel the gwei in 2021 was always to high. Still waiting for Vitalik to pull a rabbit out of his hat and sort out this ridiculous transaction fees.  I had to click the confirmation button under protest, sobbing while accepting $50 estimated gas fee. Lately I embraced the Britt way of living, so every penny is important for me.


How to join the superUMAns?

The SuperUMAns are the community’s ninja troops and the people who bring the community to life. All you have to do to become a superUMAn join our brand new Discord channel and put your talents to good use! There is always room for another superUMAn!



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