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SuperUMAns #18 - Folklore: From hashtag to DAO

By PVM | SuperUMAns | 7 Dec 2021

Once upon a time, at the end of May 2021, I was told by my DAO mentor that UMA will definitely appreciate my showman skills and the "out of the box thinking". The legend said that the UMA Discord promotes efficiency through good vibes and camaraderie. I pressed that "Join" button and started my adventure. I made a leap of faith as Discord wasn't one of my main ways of communication, being a Telegram dude until then. Do you know how social I was before joining the SuperUMAns


I was a simple peasant in this shiny castle, a humble farmer that came to sell his skills at the royal market. Few days later I listened to the AMA with Hart and even if it was past midnight, the man kept me wide awake with his knowledge and positivity.

I wrote an article about it and everyone liked it... the rest is history! This was the spark that made me created the P0x SuperUMAns blog. I started talking explaining about KPI, Range Tokens, Success Tokens and obviously about the unique individuals that call themselves "SuperUMAns". From the 1st article I immortalised the superUMAns transformation from a simple hashtag to a DAO!


This group of above-average members were the ones that were the most actives and leaded the efforts to raise UMA's TVL. This group of community ninjas started as a simple hashtag but soon they will rise as a DAo,  in one of the greatest stories in the Cryptoverse.


The campaign included a KPI option and the uTVL token, that was set to grow more valuable depending on UMA's total locked value. I didn't catch much of the uTVL campaign so I donated my little bag of tokens to someone on Discord. 

The hard work was noticed and the peasant become a knight! The ceremony took place in the SuperUMAn Lair, and the old guard was present and cheered all the way through the event. I was knighted by Lord Clayton and as he stoked my shoulders with the sword, he said ... rise Sir PVM of the SuperUMAns! 


The uDAO campaign was the start of UMA's  Golden Age, and I become more involved and almost leaded an KPI options integration. The end of campaign was the cherry on the cake, with a mix of everything: fun, POAPs, charity, music, poker. The party was a proper feast, with bards singing glorious songs and jesters keeping our moral high.

The next day I woke up realizing that the SuperUMAns are the guys I want to hang out, to work with and to share the achievements. Guess which channel I check first? If you answered the SuperUMAns lair... you are right! There is less then a month left from the uINT campaign ... are you ready to play the KPI games?


You may noticed I ooze positivity and maybe you participated to some of my activities. I am happy to tell you that more are planned, as my "taskmaster" brain is always looking for new ways to entertain the community. Here I stand... talking about the community of friends that work towards a common goal! Talking about synergy and innovation. Only few months later, the superUMAns are going through the DOAfication process and soon will stand as a strong and independent DAO. Let me conclude with a toast! Cheers SuperUMAns!

We are going in the right DAOrection!


How to join the superUMAns? The SuperUMAns are the community’s ninja troops and the people who bring the community to life. All you have to do to become a superUMAn join the Discord  channel and put your talents to good use! There is always room for another superUMAn!


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The superUMAns are crypto enthusiasts that recognized the colossal potential of UMA and a group of people that are ready to share their knowledge so the Cryptoverse will understand UMA's amazing features! ** Not an UMA official blog **

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