Bybit Derivatives Exchange launching MASSIVE Promotion!

By supermeatboy | supermeatboy | 7 May 2019

Bybit  is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange based in Singapore.
They are by far my favourite platform to trade on when it comes to leveraged products.

Ever got frustrated at Poloniex or Bitmex not registering your trades due to system overload?
If you ever used them, the answer probably is "yes".

It basically offers all the features of Bitmex, just a few less products. In exchange for that it has awesome trading contests and promotions where they frequently give away free trading balances and the UI is just stunning, yet simple and easy to understand.

This time they are coming around with another promotion that is going to kick off at May 15th.
Free $20 and the chance to prove your trading skills for a shot of the $500,000 prize pool make this an offer you shouldn't let slide!




On top of that they are crediting $10 free trading balance to every new registrant!

Sign up here for $10 free balance!


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