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Hi All

Just started to stream on DLive! I already have 123 followers! 

Regular content on crypto with a focus on Hex, GooseBet, TRX, BTT, ETH and LTC!

The platform crypto on the front end (used for donations, subscriptions) is called Lemons (1.2 USD each).

And there is BTT staking on the backend via your profile menu! With 20-30% pa return paid daily!

There are a lot of different content creators to listen to and follow. And some are really funny too!

Join Now for great crypto content, and earn some Lemons and even BTT! :)

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See you all there and let me know in the chat if you came from Publish and I will donate you a Lemon!

Superman Dlive




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Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights
Superman's Ethereum Ecosystem Insights

My Personal Thoughts and Experience on Ethereum's Ecosystem and Token Offshoots! Enjoy! Cheers Superman!

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