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BLOCKCHAIN ​​ECONOMICS: Is banking possible in the EVERSCALE ecosystem?

By Oleksandr Overchuk | | 24 Dec 2021

Based on the fundamental properties of the EVER token of the EVERSCALE ecosystem, which consists in the possibility of a safe, anonymous (if necessary public), instant transfer of them between wallets (accounts) of users with accompanying payment messages and liquidity, I consider it a possible and promising direction to create an international system that would complement existing investment banking products for their greater customer focus, flexibility, mobility and loyalty to consumers. Using EVER as a basic settlement tool can contribute to the accelerated distribution of tokens among the target audience and, as a result, increase the capitalization of the EVERSCALE ecosystem in terms of technological value for the future development of new blockchains based on it and the decentralized Internet Web3.0.

At the initial stage, a specialized investment banking (CIB) community should be created to support the liquidity of the project in order to participate in financing on-site projects with the rights of the credit and investment committee of participants. An effective risk management system should be developed and implemented to neutralize negative factors influencing the EVER rate when financing large projects.

Taking into account that the decision-making procedures in the EVERSCALE ecosystem are similar (if not identical) to the management in the consumer cooperation system, the possibility of establishing in the countries where project and / or bridge financing will be carried out, consumer societies that would act as financial agents (conclusion of contracts, payment of tokens, receipt of refunds, payments and commissions) and beneficiaries of covered (secured) risks (insurance, collateral, bank guarantee, property rights and similar assets).

It is also necessary to introduce a syndicated model when financing projects: at the beginning, the funds of venture investors and persons associated with the project, and already with a shortage of resources to fulfill the application for financing, will already turn to CIB. I would like to note that the provision of financing for any project should be based on the basic principles of classic lending (payment, repayment and security) or investment (+ bail-in option).

Target audience of CIB: legal and physical people from different countries who consume any type of financial and banking products.

Legally, transactions should be structured in such a way that they would in no way be classified as subject to licensing in the jurisdictions in which they occurred.

N.B. The cooperative legislation of different countries, which regulates, among other things, consumer cooperation, as a rule, is very loyal to the mutual assistance and mutual support of its participants, is considered from the point of view of taxation with income tax, as a kind of non-profit organizations, which at the same time can conduct any not prohibited economic activity.

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Oleksandr Overchuk
Oleksandr Overchuk

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The main characteristic feature of the EVERSCALE blockchain system from an economic point of view is that its EVER tokens are NOT subject to sale on the primary market, but are distributed among the teams of developers, validators, participants of sub-governance (SG) held on the basis of competitions. This means that further resale of Crystals occurs exclusively in the secondary market.

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