Crashes: multiplier game in

Crashes: multiplier game in


e65cb525534b8729008a1860bef8d0180632f973709d1f92719ef9881dbbfa7f.pngAlthough the topic is not exactly the main one, first you have to talk about what is
FaucetPay is a free microwallet that will allow us to earn and store fractions of various cryptocurrencies instantly.
- The first of the first thing is to register: if you want, you use this link:
- Faucetlist: it is a list of taps per cryptocurrency in which you can earn cryptocurrencies for free.
- Games: Crashes, stone, paper or scissors, and multiplier
- Offerwall: fill out surveys and registrations on other pages to increase the balances in your account
- Paid to click: visit sites and earn cryptocurrencies for seeing that advertising.
- Exchange: where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another.
In my opinion, one of the best web micro portfolios that I have seen, I recommend them and now let's see the Crashes game, which is the theme prepared for today. and her game Crashes
The game allows the user to place a bet on any of the following cryptocurrencies:
But my friend, what is the game really about?
The game will allow users to win the bet online and in real time, increase or decrease their cryptocurrency capital. The logic of the game allows you to place a bet on the amount of cryptocurrency chosen as will be seen in the following image:

There we will see some controls for the bet, "bet amount" means the amount of cryptocurrencies you want to bet. In front of this field you can see the Min, max / 2 and x2 buttons that correspond to:
Min: clicking it shows us the minimum bet in the cryptocurrency.
Max: It shows us the maximum bet in the chosen cryptocurrency.
/ 2: means lower the bet in half.
X2: It means multiply my bet to double.
I recommend playing manually, and not the way it appears on the auto button.

How is a bet made?
You click on the "place Bet" button and wait for the current round to end to start playing.

Once the current round ends, a count begins to decrease for the start of the next round, as you can see in the image:


Once the time is up, the round begins for your bet. You are very attentive to the multiplier in the graph and you must press the “place a bet” button again before it is too late and your greed leads you to lose everything.
If you get the message "Busted @ x.xx" in the friend graph, that means that you did not click the "place a bet" button in time and your greed has made you lose the bet. As seen in the following image.

That's all for now, it's a very fun game and highly recommended. I hope they can play it.

Greetings to all.


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