Sunkissed by fractals | Digital artwork

Sunkissed By Fractals

Playing around with pictures and fractals

Last week I created something using fractals, and I actually liked the idea of using these to practice digital art. I found a picture which I loved and as I have to learn everything still, I was trying out different effects and colors first. Below you can see the original picture:



It was quite difficult to "cut out" the profile as I didn't have anything but my laptop and I don't even use a separate mouse. Imagine the frustration of trying to do that with your laptop :)

At one point, I thought it was good enough and I added a certain effect on the background plus a deep red color. I've used another layer to create fractals which I've zoomed in until it had the (for me) perfect look to cover parts of the girl's face. It was quite the challenge as most of the time the fractals didn't cover the face as I wanted them to, but when I was happy enough, I thought it was an awesome result of another part of my learning process in paint dot net.

Last week I decided to order a drawing tablet

As my hands often hurt while having to hold a firm grip or when using them a lot in the same position, I wanted to avoid that my new love for digital drawing would mean I'd end up in even more pain at the end of the day. I tried thinking of a very quick and cheap solution by only looking for a certain pen and maybe using my daughter's tablet, but the thing is so slow it would not even load paint net :). Amazon had the solution for me: Huion H610 for a good price and probably good enough for my current needs during my learning process. There's still so much to learn that I'm not willing to spend a fortune on a pro tablet. Let's first see what I think about this one.

Today it's been delivered and I will share my thoughts about it (as a total newbie) in the next posts I will write about the digital art journey. I also installed Krita for when I start drawing with the tablet, if you have any thoughts or tips to share, please do so in a comment. It's highly appreciated!

For now, I hope you love this work as much as I do and if you're interested in supporting my work on Rarible, click here:





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Sunkissed by fractals | Digital artwork No3
Sunkissed by fractals | Digital artwork No3

Lately, I've been interested in digital art. I named this one Sunkissed By Fractals. I created this one in while playing around with the different functionalities. Digital art is completely new to me, and there's a lot to learn. Currently, I'm also trying to figure out how to work with a drawing tablet and Krita. So much new info! I hope you liked my trial with fractals!

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