How To Recharge Your Phone Number Using Cryptocurrencies

To recharge your phone number using cryptocurrencies you need an account on the Bitrefill website. So click the link below and sign up using your email address and a password.

Sign up here:-

After signing up you can log in to your account and it will look like this. The products you can buy can change according to your country.

9f304be590f89c58dfc739732594ca04_thumb1600.pngThe Website's Homepage

The next step is we need to deposit some money into our account on the Bitrefill website. to do that click on the dollar sign in the top right-hand corner of the web page and a new menu will pop up. In that menu click on the account balance section.

33ee4e4f65a01092aece14ddfaef4eff.pngtopping up account instructions

Then you will see a webpage like this.

8e22865e7e70d5de60d3f3d295822612.pngpage after clicking on the account balance

Here click on the red "Top-Up Balance" button.

Then the next page will look like this (picture under this section). here you can click the button that says "from" and choose how you are going to deposit money. For this example, I'm going to use the Bitcoin Lightning network. hence I chose it. and if you click the "To" button next to the "From" button you can choose how you want to receive it. you can choose whether you want it to get deposited as Bitcoin or as USD. So for this example, I have chosen my USD balance.

920874c67a99da677d40fc656abcf4d6.pngtopping up the Bitrefill balance

And the next thing we have to do is create a Lightning invoice. you can simply put the BTC amount you want to receive and click generate button and the website will generate an invoice for you. So I put 0.00035 as the BTC amount and click the generate button. and the website generated an invoice for me. (check the next picture)

772da7a0e021c14356f6948be56a8b97.pnggenerated lighting invoice

So now all I have to do is use my Bitcoin Lightning wallet to Scan the QR code showing on the webpage and confirm the transaction. And after I confirm it in the app the money instantly got deposited to my USD balance in my Bitrefill account. You can see that in the pictures below.


lightning invoice in my wallet app after scanning a QR code

971a7e2677a37acf4c3673370b218e6d.pngAfter confirming the payment in the app, the website got updated like this

Now that we have money in our bitrefill account we can start buying stuff. yes, you can buy other things such as gift cards too. but for this tutorial let's focus on recharging our phone number. so to do that first you need to click the phone refills button on the top menu.

4fc1af5ae443a0d277715152b9365378.png phone refills button

Then on the next page, you need to choose your network operator. these operators will change according to your country. please click on your network operator.

5f0048d86feae3c4f9c1f5124d6a4fe5_thumb1600.pngnetwork operators

after that, you will see a webpage similar to the next picture. please follow the steps in the picture to continue with the phone recharging.

942af913fbc550b38ba115bcc08846cc.pngfilling up phone details

after filling in your information and clicking on the "Add to cart" button you will see your cart like this.

6b9da845d70e7895b72ecc5eb41a359f_thumb1600.pngyour cart

So if your information is correct, just click the red "Check out button".

Then on the next page under the "Select Payment Method," you can choose how you are going to pay this bill. since we deposited money into our USD balance I'm going to choose it. so click on the "USD Balance" here.

f09889bfd83e59dc1e6c7e96fe4cb846.pngchoosing the payment method

then on the next opening web page check your order details and if all is correct click on the "Confirm payment" button and complete the payment.

afd38637f0c1aaaf6814cee46d8616d8.pngchecking your details and confirming the payment

After that, instantly you should receive your reload to your phone and the webpage will show you this message to tell you, your order was completed. Check the pictures below.

498ca3f4943adb862f72ada59a628557.pngorder completed message on the website


received a message saying I got my reload into my phone number

And that is how you use cryptocurrencies to recharge your phone number. even though it looks like a lot of work after you deposit money into your Bitrefill account you can easily use that money to buy whatever you need from this website. also, some products even give you cash-backs. so guys thank you very much for reading this article and I hope you learned something.


(P.S. This was first posted on my webpage in the "article" of the Coinpayu website.)

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