5 Ways To Make Money With Your Instagram


In this article, I will be discussing five simple ways to make money with your Instagram account. let's dive right into it.


1.Start a business




If you are thinking about starting a business, let Instagram bring you, customers. let's say you are very good with designing clothes or making pieces of jewelry or anything that can generate money then you can start an Instagram account for that niche. for example, if you start a jewelry-making business at your home, take some photos of your work and upload them on your business page. try to grow your Instagram page as well as your local business. post pictures and videos constantly. engage with your audience. after you build some following you will get orders day after day. so you can earn money from your locals and from your international customers.





In social media, following is a huge thing. which means the number of followers you have. although you can buy ''fake'' followers on websites, they are not that good for your account. most of the time they become just a number. but if you can get a shoutout from a bigger account in your same niche you can get some decent followers who will engage with your content. you also can do that and make money. let's say you have like 100k or more followers, then you can go to a website like shoutcart and start selling shoutouts. even though you have less followers than that I think you will be able to get some sales if you have a good Instagram account with real followers. not only that make sure to check your 'DM's because people offer you good deals through that too. but be careful not to get scammed. you can use a service like PayPal's goods and services to be safe when doing business like that.



3.Affiliate marketing




In affiliate marketing, you work as a middle man. you are the one who connects buyers with sellers. for that, you get a small commission. but in some cases, you can get like 10$+ per sale. here's how you do that. for example, let's say you have an Instagram page in the dating niche with 150k followers
and you found a perfect affiliate program on click-bank (which is an affiliate marketplace) and it pays 1$ per sign-up. so you create a post about that program with your own affiliate link in the description of that post. if 1% of your followers click on that link and sign up to that program you make 1500$ from that one post. but be smart with your posting when you promote these products.



4.Build your personal brand




After you build your personal brand on Instagram you can get sponsorships from big companies. whether you are an athlete or artist or DIY guy/girl or entertainer, etc if a big brand identifies you as a great influencer they will pay you money to promote their products on your page. so create a personal brand if you have the skills.


5.Help others to build their Instagram account



when you have good knowledge about how Instagram works you can start an agency and help other people to build and grow their personal or business pages. but remember to do it honestly and correctly. if you do a good job for someone I'm sure they will introduce you to their friends so you can get jobs coming in.



that's it for this article guys.


Thanks for reading...!

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