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Lean Management Token (LEAN) ICO coming in 1 week !

By The Unknown | Student Coin project | 13 Oct 2021

The LEAN project, based on the Student Coin ecosystem, will have its ICO in one week, on October 20th!

Here are the details of this ICO which will take place in one round only with a stable price per token of $0.8.


You may already own LEANs thanks to the staking of Student Coin but you will need a Student Coin account since LEAN can only be bought with STC.

But what is LEAN?

Their goal is to create the largest possible communication for everything related to process management, SIX Sigma, etc., especially through Linkedin. The image below describes this project.


An important point is that the circulating supply is 900'000 LEAN only for the moment. However, it is expected that after the end of the ICO, the LEAN team will start burning some of this token over the next years.

This ICO is highly anticipated and will last only 2 weeks! I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this project which could really go to the moon. There is no affiliate program in this ICO and all the links at the bottom of the pages are links for you to discover this project in more details and to study it before investing in it.

LEAN token

As for me, I received 5 LEANs thanks to the staking and will try to buy a few more with my STC.

See you soon for more news once the ICO has started!

The Unknown

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