Lucky Kittens - The CUTEST NFT project!

By Kev HK | DiamondHands | 23 Jan 2022

I have invested in a few NFT projects since several months ago, and was fortunate enough to make some decent profits from them. In addition to profits, I have always been looking for an NFT profile pic with great artwork that makes you "WOW" the moment you see it. It was a bit challenging, given that NFT projects are really not so appealing in terms of artworks. Recently, I have come across Lucky Kittens NFT - I feel that I have finally find my ideal NFT profile pic! In fact, it is the CUTEST NFT that I have ever seen!



Lucky Kittens is a project launched last month (Dec 2021) by a group of artists & devs from Hong Kong. As suggested by its name, the NFT project is themed with Lucky Kitten, which is inspired by Maneki-Nekos and is a common Japanese figurine which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. If you have ever traveled to Japan, you would have seen it everywhere - shops, restaurants, museums and hotels. The project had its public sales in December 2021, in which all its 5,888 kittens were sold out within 1 minute.

I am myself a cat lover, and was immediately attracted by the artwork and the different costumes of these kittens - Outfits in Tuxedo, hoodie, leather jacket or Hawaiian shirts, with different eyewears such as sunglasses, golden glasses, ski googles, eyepatch, "laser eyes"... and some of them are even dressed up as Ultraman! Again, this is by far the only NFT project that has the artworks appealing enough for me to change my profile pic. 



While this NFT project is gaining considerable popularity in Hong Kong, it's not as well known outside the city. It's probably because of its marketing strategy - Unlike most other NFT projects, this project actually targets the average individuals who may not have past experience with crypto / NFT, The team has made advertisements on trams, local newspapers as well as huge outdoor ads. I personally love this marketing approach as it doesn't only promote the project itself, but also help promoting crypto adoption in general.  





A number of local celebrities and influencers have also joined hype and adopted their "little kittens":





Although the project's marketing efforts are focusing in Hong Kong now, it is looking to expand the footprint globally. If you are a cat lover like me, make sure you don't miss it. You can find more about this project from their Lucky Kitten's websiye, twitter, discord channel or from their Magic Edan page.


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