I have a super strong feeling about a massive recession.

By TradingStrikes | strikingtrades | 11 Aug 2019

I seriously feel like we are going to see a massive economic downturn in the US and most of the world in the next 3 months. I am not an expert but I do follow the markets closely and I do a lot of reading based on this subject matter. Here are the reasons why.

1)Gold prices are skyrocketing.

2)People are moving their money into bonds as a safe haven move.

3)Bitcoin is moving in the same ways gold is.

4)Stock prices are extremely high and investors do not ant to buy at such high steep levels.

5)Europe is unstable financially.

6)The China and USA Trade War friction is causing a negative impact on international business on both sides.

7)Trump has been causing worry with his tweets and strong rhetoric with other country's.

8)All of the currents markets are showing large dips right now.

9)Everyone is expecting a recession in the first place.

10)The markets are historically way overdue for a major correction at least.

"James Harden just gave $10,000 to a family in America that he saw fishing for their food"

If you are in the same boat as me then you might be wondering what you could do to prepare for something like this happening. I would not worry about it all too much but I can confidently say that right now is probably a bad time to quit your job, buy a house, take a loan, use a credit card, gamble, sell your car, divorce, buy stock in Apple or other large cap stocks. Basically preserve your cash until these binary unprecedented events and market signals sort themselves out.

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