Why You Need to Make Uncertainty Your Best Friend

By Krisz Rokk | StrengthInBusiness | 11 Apr 2022

Uncertainty … If you’re afraid of it, it will numb you. If you’re running away from it, it will hunt you down. Change the way you perceive it and you’ll live on your terms.

Learning to become familiar with the unknown is one of the most precious lessons that you can take away from life. The process starts inside of you, although the nudges will most likely come from the outside world. Coziness is what’s causing nausea and sleepiness, stepping into the unknown on the other hand forces you to transform, grow and evolve.

In business, the concept of survival of the fittest is long overdue. Vulnerability, empathy, purpose and meaning wrapped up in profits and growth is what enables you to inspire and lead a team of visionaries who will gratefully work together with you to build a sustainable enterprise.

The “Let’s dominate!” mentality might have been a great business model in the past but we all know and feel that this is not going to work in the emerging quantum economy. We’ve entered the realms of a new era, which requires an entirely new way of thinking and dealing with worldwide issues – whether they are of monetary, social or cultural nature.

Leading Through Chaos and Uncertainty

Old thinking patterns and business models are crumbling, paving the way for new approaches. We are living through challenging times and the years to come will once again show how adaptable and resilient the human species is.

We tend to hold on to the old because it’s familiar, comfortable, cozy and certain. Many people perceive new things as scary and uncomfortable, yet deep down inside they know that they’ll need to pivot and adapt in order to thrive. Those who refuse to change, are left behind. Although various systems have been set up to support as many people as possible, some folks will deliberately remain on the sinking ship.

This has nothing to do with technology or a matrix setup by certain special entities; it’s about choice. Your choice, my choice, our choice as a collective.

We see and experience businesses being shattered left, right and center. Size doesn’t matter. Entire industries are facing extinction and livelihoods are being destroyed. The banking system is at the verge of collapse and what used to set Western democracies apart is turning into a meme.

We can’t sustain the current state of the economy. It’s become obvious that we can’t go on acting as if nothing has happened, forcing the money printer to go “brrrr” and hoping to get back to business as usual. We’ve played that game long enough and time has run up. We’re forced to change and we need to do it fast. The hope strategy we have deployed over the past decades has only made things worse.

“In order for us to create something new in our lives, we have to leave behind a portion of the known and familiar. This includes familiar thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and sometimes even relationships. For most people, leaving behind the illusory security of the known and stepping into the unknown can be a terrifying place. This is why change is so hard.”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

Embrace the Unknown or …

What comes next?

Blockchain economy? Quantum economy? XYZ economy?

Honestly, the terminology doesn’t matter. What matters though is how quickly you pivot so that you can provide for your loved ones and continue to live the life that you want and dreamed of.

I’d like to share with you a strategy that I’ve been deploying since adulthood to help me win different sport tournaments and later in life, various business endeavors:

Put time aside to think!

Schedule time to think. Put it in your calendar. Start with one hour per week and increase the number of hours as you go along. Make it a habit to think and don’t let anything or anybody interrupt you when you’re at it.

Why is this important?

First of all, you’ll learn to listen to your inner voice, that innate intuition that you’ve ignored for far too many years.

Second, you won’t be subject to all the external influence, meaning you won’t mutate to a puppet that can be easily pushed and moved around as somebody sees fit.

Third, you’ll train your brain to partner up with you and help you navigate in troublesome waters.

Fourth, you’ll learn to calm yourself thus enabling you to focus your power and energy to create the future that you want, instead of dwelling on what happened in your past.

Nurture your thoughts and enjoy watching the supposedly random waves collapse in front of your very eyes. Those of you, who are avid students of quantum physics just like I am, know exactly what I mean.

Remember, the best spot to create from is chaos and the unknown. Look for uncertainty. Embrace this magical place.



Originally published on my blog at StrengthInBusiness.com.

Image by andreas160578 / Pixabay.com

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