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By HydroJayted | Stratis Fans | 4 Jan 2019

Stratis is one of, if not the only, main stream object-oriented language compatible smart the moment. Stratis is a development platform to facilitate real world enterprise and financial services. Stratis among others, has succeeded in pairing sidechains and smart contracts, and even though it was a rather aggressive roadmap, the Stratis team was able to deliver full production of eight (8) out of ten (10) fully dated roadmap.

According to Chris Trew, CEO and Founder of Stratis, “Our Q1/Q2 2018 development roadmap was intentionally aggressive in terms of what the team has delivered, with he introduction o important updates to the Stratis platform. The ability to run smart contracts and to provide sidechains opens up a world of potential applications that’s enterprises can build on the Stratis Platform. I look forward to seeing the creative innovations third-party developers will realize”

Here’s an overview of a few of the Q1/Q2, Q3/Q4 releases;

  • The Full Node mainnet beta was released on the 28th of March, 2018. This was significant for the Stratis as enhancements were made across core components such as P2P code an consensus protocol. On the Q3/Q4 in December, the team announced the production release of the Stratis C# of full node. The Stratis full node replaced StratisX as the Stratis Blockchain network powering engine. Stratis full node supports Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority algorithm.. This production release is available here
  • The Stratis Core Full Node GUI was released shortly afterwards as an updated instance of Stratis full mode. This release was aimed at improving users functionality and experience.
  • Following closely in the Q2 was the big release of the ICO platform on the 9th of April, 2018. This meant the launching of a platform that allows users accept payment in over 50 currencies including ad not limited to USD, BTC, STRATA and so on. This also included an integrated KYC support to verify consumer’s identity and on boarding and also a decentralized HD wallet. The Q3/Q4 saw about a ICO PLATFORM V2 release resulting from feedbacks from organizations using Stratis ICO Platform. They value feedback so.
  • The Stratis smart contracts C# developers their own smart contracts in native C#. The alpa release was the first smart contract built entirely in C# native on the .NET framework.

In December, 2018, Stratis launched the first sidechains including smart contracts, Cirrus. This sidechain has its own token called CRS. The CRS will be pegged to STRATA at a 1.1 ration. Stratis just does it all, right? It is as though the possibilities of Stratis knows no end. Other releases worthy of mention include Stratis Academy, Stratis Cold Staking, Breeze... and a lot more.

The Stratis team rounded the year up by announcing partnerships with MediConnect, Microsoft and UK Meds on the 19th of December, 24th of October, and 5th of September, respectively.


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