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I am a social worker, 27 years of age and female. I love writing and carrying out researches.

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Stratis Roadmap Review

4 Jan 2019 HydroJayted $8.30 (2,543.2113 BNTY)

Stratis is one of, if not the only, main stream object-oriented language compatible smart contract.at the moment. Stratis is a development platform to facilitate real world enterprise and financial services. Stratis among others, has succeeded in pai...

Recap of the Hydro Airdrop

4 Jan 2019 HydroJayted $9.44 (2,892.6307 BNTY)

  Let us look at one of the unique, literally once-in-a-life-time developers airdrop that happened in the crypto space with no ICO... Hydro Token! So much has been heard about this project, people have fallen prey of scammers just to get the Hydro To...