The Enigma Of The Snails

By feltoxXx | StrangeUniverse | 23 Apr 2019

On the afternoon of July 16, 1910, the workers of the plantations of Kalutara, on the west coast of Ceylon, took the greatest surprise of their lives. In the morning everything had been calm, but suddenly, after eating, appeared everywhere, by hundreds of thousands, perhaps by millions, huge snails whose weight made the branches of the trees creak or destroyed the roofs of the households.


Where they came from? Only they could say it. The experts only said that it was the Achatena futila, giant snail of Africa. How did they suddenly appear in such quantity? Nobody could explain it unless some wise men formulated a curious thesis: maybe a couple of these gastropods came to the island of Ceylon, coming from Africa (they seemed to forget that the snail is bisexual). and how the country and the climate pleased them multiplied at full speed. That easy!

Any sensible person would have asked if they came on foot or by swimming, and also where they could hide all that time, in such a small country, to appear all at the same time.

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