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WAX- R-Planet foolishness - From 20000 to 8000 Ether per day

By Ignis fatuus | Strange crypto | 23 May 2021

As always great news. 

My staking power halved .


I stumbled on this message thursday casually. 

It would have make more sense a banner on the site.

Maybe my screen is too big. My fault, I should use a laptop. As you can see there's a bit of space unused in the head of the Dapp.



Anyone who invested in AW Nfts found this new element, without even using the generator.


The epic kolobok prizes Ether value has been reduced from 4.8 to 1.59. WTF. Why?


This is the on the about page on medium.



But this is how it really should work.


Somewhere the logic seems flawed.

The infinte supply is something new?

If you don't invest in NFTs how can you stake NFTs? 

Obviously the rigs.


Maybe they intended everyone non human or everyone who can program.


So you should not invest in cheap NFTs.


Or in Nfts in general at this point. 

This Ad confuses me.



A unilateral change fu**ed up an ecosystem.

Nobody is buying Koloboks at any price. Tried sold them for 0.7 wax(a month ago they were selling for 3-5 wax).

Alien worlds abundant cards changed price from 0.5 wax to 0.03. Their value is 16 times less.

Maybe it could have been handled differently.

If the problem were the bots creating new accounts and selling Humans and shovels why don't stop giving them for free?

There are 2 millions male human 7 hundred thousands female human and 2 millions shovels. How many more do you need?

With this choice a lot of users are upset.


LOL. Bit Butt Cat. 


This goes on and on. It seems like most of the stakers are not taking it well.

There is also a minority of users who agree with the choice.

It makes sense because AW was flooding the market and the Ram is probably a real problem.

It has been handled poorly.

Anyway I read one comment that i can't understand.


The stake on a different game is what i'm really confused.

It's their business model, it hasn't change.


It doesnt matter how many people vote, only who counts them.









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