WAX - How to claim free NFTs in drops on Atomic Hub

WAX - How to claim free NFTs in drops on Atomic Hub

By Ignis fatuus | Strange crypto | 1 Mar 2021

Today i claimed three NFTs, promo cards of future projects.

free nft

You can claim them on AtomicHub.

There are a lot of drops so to find the free ones you have to go to the wax explorer in the Live TX section.


Narrowing the reasearch to the field in the red boxes in the image below you'll find all the nft drops.


In the data section the "drop id" is the number of the drop  and to see if they're free the value should be "0 NULL".


On atomicHub URL after adding the number of the drop you'll be able to make the claim.



Ostara, if one dies while in these othere states of consciousness, one dies indeed. this begs the question, are dreams truly only ever dreams?

-Nancy Holder

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