Strange TRX token - VirtualHash (VRT)

Strange TRX token - VirtualHash (VRT)

By Ignis fatuus | Strange crypto | 28 Feb 2021

Wandering in the Tron ecosystem I found an exchange only for TRX tokens.

What caught my attention was the faucet. There are a lot of anonymous tokens, all up for useless grabs!


The Virtual Hash Token was given away at 1 unit for claim. The faucet is now depleted. I have one of this hidden gems. Don't be envious.



The business model is simple. At  you can opt for three type of different mining rewards.


There's a little inconsistency with the "and the more tokens you have". On the third miner is stated that if you hold 100000 or more you will get 1119 VRT. The reward is fixed or not? Probably the mistery can be solved understanding what miner stack means. 

Don't fool yourself thinking it's the same stock image of a miner. It's evident that the large miner is the biggest one because weighs more. The picture is lower than the other two.

If you don't receive your coveted reward maybe the virtualhash nodes didn't update so you must manually register in their database.


The "Virtualhash nodes" are like good kids with bad grades. They do their best. It's really reassuring from the perspective of an investor. 

Scrolling down you can read the whitepaper where miner stack is explained.

What caught my attention was this paragraph;


They continue to talk about mining, virtual mining, miners.

Opening the blog after a strange video with sports car and a harassing soundtrack you are welcomed with this statement;


It's good to have few ideas but well thought.


If you want you can also join their Vip circle for extra tips, probably about life and the modern world.

vip At least 400TRX / 20 dollars are not a life changing sum if you lose it. 


It feels good to be lost in the right direction



Always DYOR and stay safe...










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