Strange TRX token - Santa

Strange TRX token - Santa

By Ignis fatuus | Strange crypto | 27 Feb 2021

Wandering in the Tron ecosystem i found an exchange only for TRX tokens.

What caught my attention was the faucet. There are a lot of anonymous tokens, all up for useless grabs!


The Santa Token was given away at 1000 unit for claim.

Obviously I had to make some research.


The official website is the emojipedia website.

I blurred out the Santa token symbol because is the Santa emoji from Apple.

I almost completely sure they can't use it.

The amount of no "f" given is palpable.

The white paper is the site itself

An evident example of less is more.

In the middle section you get some answers on the genesis of this rare example of advance cryptotech.


I't P2P, whatever it means.

Why not own some santa "?". You get a certificate of ownership, without you can be sure they're really yours.

I didn't know that. Now I have to ask for all the certificates of the crypto i thought I owned.

David R. Brown

I don't want to cause unnecessary fomo but other than all this you can start amassing Elf Token.


Or you will be able to one day, when they will release it. Now there's an id that doesn't exist on tronscan.

The value is stable at 0.000001 TRX, more or less 0.000000374 euro.

Let's say a pc consumes 0.0475 watt/s at a cost of 0.00005 euro.

You should sell 135 tokens for second just to have a null ROI.

I'm really excited to see where this project is going.

On twitter the account is active, there are no different info than those posted on the first tweet.

first tweet

You can get it at the faucet in the exchange or you can send your TRX to the address at the end of the body of the site.

I't the safest option, you can't really trust exchanges. Send currency at a random address. It always ends well.



Always DYOR and stay safe.








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