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Bitcoin Cash - How to receive SLP Tokens and NFTs

By Ignis fatuus | Strange crypto | 20 Mar 2021

The simple ledger protocol (SLP) is a protocol on the BCH network that enables the creation of tokens and NFTs.

It's simple and fast and the cost of the transaction is negligible.

You can find all sort of info on

In the get started section of the site you cand find wallets that supports slp and Spice and Honk's tokens faucets.



The faucets appear to be dead. 

I tried to find some free token faucets on but most of the projects listed are dead or not updated.

I gave up after finding a Trump token linked to the White house site that now has this image on the land page.


Maybe you could mine some Mist or Maze if you have the patience of diving into the technicalities of token mining.



I personally have used the badger wallet to familiarize with the SLP protocol.

It's a wallet like metamask. You can find it in the chrome web store.


After adding it to chrome and setting up an account you can click on the menu on the left


and find your addresses.


To receive token and NFT you have to use the simpleledger address.

I have collected Honk, Spice Tokens and three Waifu  


After collecting the Waifu on the faucet i couldn't find them on the wallet.

I thought they would appear like a Cryptokitty on Metamask.

To see them you should copy your simple ledger address and paste it in the simple ledger explorer.

In the token balances section you'll find something like this:


Clicking on the token id you'll open a page where you can see your NFT.


Be careful to always use a SLP compatible wallet.

I have a Nano ledger but the protocol is not supported on Ledger Live. With the electron cash slp edition wallet, you could link the hardware to the desktop wallet, but i didn't want to risk spending BCH losing the tokens and the NFTs, choosing a wrong derivation path.

 The SLP is relatively new so I hope there will be a lot of interesting project being developed in the next years.




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