The Tournament

By Storytime Crypto | Storytime Crypto | 27 Sep 2021

The wood crashed against steel causing splinters to explode outwards.  The ringing was eclipsed by the roaring crowd, leaving King Ethereum to temporarily forget his bearing and jump to his feet.  The tournament’s third day was over.  As expected, the warrior from Shiba-Inu had fallen.  A crowd favorite, the young prince never really stood much of a chance.  His tourney skills were barely more than showmanship, and as soon as real battle-hardened knights crossed wood and steel against him, the dog-knight was destroyed.

King Ethereum finished his ale with a royal chug and, raising a hand against the applause, quieted the audience on either side of the jousting runs.  “Today we saw the best of the Kingdom.  But tomorrow, we see the best of the best.  In the end, only one warrior shall stand victorious.  The honor to connect all of us!”

With another wave, the King turned and walked past the gauntlet of adoring attendants and climbed the portable stairs into his golden carriage.  Almost as an afterthought, King Ethereum leaned out of the still-open door and called to one of his personal guards.  The soldier was by his side faster than the King could blink, and received a satisfactory nod of approval for his response.  King Ethereum whispered into the man’s eager ear and sent him off.


Hours later the King sat in his throne room, flourished armor and cape that adorned him by tradition at each tournament removed in favor for a road-worn set of leathers.  Three knocks on the humongous oak doors leading into the room informed the King that his guest had arrived.  A small nod set his doormen to open the giant doors inwardly on perfectly oiled hinges.  The knight entered without a bow; in almost any other visitor, this would’ve resulted in immediate expulsion from the castle, and probably a night in the stockades, but not this visitor.  The knight approached the throne and stopped, this time in accordance with custom, at the base of the steps leading to the seated King.

“Your helm” the King said expectantly.

“Your honor” came the response.

King Ethereum sat for long moments and stared at the warrior before him.  Her hair was black as the darkest night, short and marred by a ragged scar in her scalp.  Her armor showed weld upon weld, proving her an accomplished fighter and survivor of many battles.  In the breast a family sigil shone as brightly as if it had been painted just this morning.  A small circle ringed by others, each with their eternal trajectories emblazoned in silver.

The King thought about what he would say to this knight, why he chose her over all others to enter his throne room on the eve of the great tourney.  That was the question he needed to ask.  With the lightest sigh of relief, King Ethereum finally addressed his guest with two words.

“Why you?”

The answer came as soon as the last syllable left the King’s lips.

“Because you were right my King.  The victor will connect all who live in this Kingdom.  I am Lady Atom of the house Cosmos.  And  I am that connector.

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Storytime Crypto
Storytime Crypto

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Storytime Crypto
Storytime Crypto

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