Why we should, LET SOME APPLEs on TREES in the winter , check THIS !

By alexisread | Projects for the world | 29 Dec 2023

Hi fellow human,

Yesterday i was getting some firewood from dry old trees. This is a work i do almost daily since it is winter and we have -7 celsius outside.

I have electricity and GAS heating...BUT i stopped using them BECAUSE i dont want to pay money to private corps  and to the GOV. tax on bills. 

I dont want to pay tax anymore. They dont deserve it we SEE: 

NWO is planning AGENDA 2030 with Claus Schwab saying ,, you will be happy and you will own nothing,,

My theorie and prax is the following :

IF YOU DONT JOIN THEIR TAX and LAWs and if you dont SUSTAIN and PAY that sh** .......they will have less money to sustain their GOAL against us all. 

But yesterday was a good day and it was 0 celsius and i was in nature , enjoying my work , getting wood for free. 

AND SUDDENLY , in the APPLE TREE i saw this little bird eating .


This has amazed me and it was to good to be true since everyone gave me the lesson that :

I should take every apple away from the tree.

BAD BAD LESSON , what fellow human teach their kids. I see that its just about PROFIT and MONEY. 
Its just a Industry lesson and a bad direction for NATURE .

Well from yesterday on, i will always leave some apples on trees. For the birds.

Now think, the brids have something to eat.....they poop there too.....the ground remains FERTILE and we get even more apples.

What a great lesson for all of US.


+ leave some apples ...for the birds ! 

PS: these APPLEs trees , have not been sprayed at least 15 years !!!!

Thanks you all for reading,

PS 2 : it would be nice if you think about , getting a piece of land and growing your own independent and thrive  human !

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