The Day I got my Dachshund puppy!
wyatt in a hawaiian shirt

The Day I got my Dachshund puppy!

By fa113nstar | Stories To Live By | 10 Mar 2020

A great moment in life! me and my wifes first dog together. 

I had already had an older chiweenie, he was 16 at the time, his name is yoshi. Yoshi and I have been together since he was born, through it all for 16 years yoshi was by my side.

We lived in a house with a yard for the majority of his life. But for the last year and a half we lived in a condo at the beach. I met Emily and she moved in shortly after. She loved yoshi and things where going smooth.

Emily loved yoshi but wanted a dog of her own. we searched high and low, shelters and breeds, puppy stores and petcos. But couldn't find the one for us. I wanted a Dapple little boy to be exact.

After much searching and little reward, (we even almost got scammed by dog scammers) we found a great breeder. She was located in Texas and we where in California at the time. We agreed to fly the breeder and our new puppy out. We where nervous and worried if it was another scam. we drove to the airport with mixed emotions and a lot of excitement. 

To are excited the breeder and our new puppy where waiting in the luggage area. We met him and knew instantly His new name was going to be 


he was the cutest puppy!

we both took the day off work to hang out and enjoy wyatt's new presence in our home and to make him feel welcome and comfortable.

Yoshi was not thrilled but tolerated him and his puppy playing.

We got so lucky to be able to have the most handsome Dapple Dachshund in my opinion and he's got so much personality! if you are interested in following him, his is on instagram @wyattweenie .

here is a photo of my little man.


swimming in Michigan @wyattweenie

Dapple Dachshund Wyatt@wyattweenie laying in the grass


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