New To Crypto? If you're broke like me, Follow my journey to Show you how to EARN FREE CRYPTO! [Crypto Faucets]

By KharmaScribbles | Stories of HODL | 11 Apr 2019

New to Cryptocurrency and Want to Start earning coins For Free?

Read this for a List of my Top Faucets for Beginners!

I’m new to the world of Crypto and jumped in head first thanks to being introduced to Faucets!

What are faucets? They are basically a website that shows you a lot of advertisements in exchange for a few satoshi of crypto coins. The advertisements are how the Faucet site stays funded, so viewing ads is a small price to pay for the coin reward!
It’s fractions of pennies per claim from a faucet sometimes but if you keep a regular stream of good faucets and spend some time claiming from them every day, eventually you will start to see your pennies add up.

There are different kinds of faucets, the most popular ones are where you click on a ‘shortlink’ which takes you to a page full of ads, you complete the captcha, get sent to a 2nd page of ads where finally there is a countdown and you can click on the final link button which brings you back to your faucet site to complete the claim!

Before we start this journey you’ll need to make two “main” microwallet accounts for our claims. Microwallets are services that allow small transactions to transfer through the blockchain for little to no fees, otherwise making such small claims would be impossible since the mining fees would be more than your claim amount.


There are two microwallet services we will be using for this journey, CoinPot and Faucethub. Let’s start with CoinPot since for this one all you need is an email address to connect to its various faucets. Make a free account at and once done let it create its own wallets for the coins you’d like to claim.

The following faucets deposit to Coinpot directly and you will need to sign-up for the faucets using the same email address that you used to register with Coinpot.

  • Bonus Bitcoin

    • Claim up to 5k sat every 15 minutes (average currently around 50 sat)… There is also a daily bonus that pays you 5% of your total amount earned within the last 72 hours, so the more you claim the more you earn as a bonus each day! Pays straight to your Coinpot balance.
  • Bitfun

    • They have a high paying BTC faucet you can claim from every 3 minutes but like the Moon faucets below, the longer you wait between claims the more your claim will be worth. Another benefit of this site is that you can play mini-games while you wait between faucet claims :D
  • MoonBitcoin

  • MoonDogecoin

    • Basically, you can claim every 5 minutes, but the longer you wait the more sat accumulates per claim. The sweet spot seems to be around 30 mins (as you’ll get more claiming two times 30 minutes apart than you would if you waited a full hour) They have a loyalty reward system where the more days you claim consecutively, you will get a bonus on the sat payout of your claims. Each day ads 1% for a max bonus of 100%, but miss a day and you reset back to 0. There are also offers you can do which add an additional bonus as well. The bonus is added on to the amount shown in the claiming section, and after you claim you can see the total claimed including with your bonus amounts.

    They do have a few other coins too you can find linked on their sites


The rest of these faucets will need you to create an account with Faucethub, which is a microwallet like Coinpot except it has a slew of other features and hundreds of faucets that are connected with it. You’ll need to have your regular wallet addresses linked to your Faucethub account, and you can do so from the User Dashboard section “wallet addresses” drop down.

When claiming at a faucet compatible with FH, you login/signup with the wallet address that is linked with your Faucethub account so that they can send the satishi to your Faucethub balance. Most of the faucets will either pay your claims direct to FH, or in some cases a faucet will store up your claims in it’s own site wallet under your account and allow you to withdraw to Faucethub either whenever you want or sometimes you need to accumulate a minimum balance, sometimes withdraws are free and sometimes there is a small fee taken out from your total. Mostly you don’t need to worry too much as generally, faucets make it easy to see where your coins are going.
Make sure you register with a real email address

Crypto Wallet

Now is a good time to link up all the wallet addresses you plan to use of the currencies that Faucethub supports. If you don’t have a regular Crypto wallet yet, I suggest Coinomi which is a full-featured secure wallet that supports both Android & iOS devices, as well they have recently released a desktop version. Coinomi also has a built-in exchange for trading one crypto coin for another.

Download the wallet of your choice, be sure to write down your 12 recovery words and store it someplace safe and preferably offline. If you’re completely new and feel lost, now might be a good time to research a little deeper into crypto wallets because that goes beyond the scope of this article.

Now, once you’ve set up wallet address in Coinomi or your crypto wallet of choice, you can link all the addresses to Faucethub at once from the “Wallet Addresses” page. Now would also be a good time to write your linked addressed down in notepad or something, somewhere you can have quick access to and be able to copy/paste quickly for when you need to login or submit an address to a new faucet.

I’ll share a few of my favourite faucets here but I will be making more review articles introducing more in the next few days so stay tuned!


Auto-faucets are great because once you set them up they will keep automatically claiming a small amount of satoshi at different increments for as long as you leave the tab open or until your claim session expires as some of them are set on a timer. Here are a few of the ones I run on a daily basis.

  • Pimp My Level
    • Set it up and runs until you close the tab. Pays direct to Faucethub.
      This faucet has other coins you can claim from as well, just open separate tabs for them.
    • The trick with these ones is to Autoclaim to the site’s built-in wallet at the 5-minute setting… this option is on the LEFT-hand side and gives the highest payout.
    • Start one site’s autoclaim, then start the same thing or claim different coins at the other two sites, the site wallet is pooled between the 3 autoclaims. Then all you have to do is withdraw from one of the sites whenever you want, no minimum, no fees and withdraw straight to FaucetHub.
      • To withdraw you need to do a “Manual Claim” from any of the sites (you can have all 3 sites on autoclaim and open another new tab for one of them and do manual claims in this tab, no timers!)
        On the LEFT-hand side, there is the “Manual Claim” button… Choose that option and choose whichever coin you want to withdraw… You’ll need to complete the shortlink but once done you’ll get routed back to the site where your manual claim shows it went through, below that where it shows your wallet balance you’ll see a withdraw button, click it and the funds instantly get sent to FaucetHub.

All 3 sites Autoclaims for a limit of 1 hour but you can extend indefinitely by clicking “Prolong session” and completing the shortlink, it will add an extra hour each time.

High-paying Manual Claims

  • BitHunt!!
    • New Faucet! Multi-coin, higher paying manual faucet with 5-minute timer per coin. Minimum threshold to withdraw to FH but with no fee. I withdraw multiple times daily as it only takes a few claims to get to the minimum needed, especially if you go to the “Earn More” tab and take advantage of the shortlinks for extra crypto.
    • They have an Autofaucet that runs until you close the tab (runs in the background) and the autofaucet pays straight to FH, at intervals you can pick before starting it. You can autoclaim multiple coins in separate tabs.
  • SpeedyETH

    • The thing with this site is there are a lot of ads an popups, but it’s high paying and no timer, and if you carefully read the text on the green background you’ll find links to complete shortlinks for bonus ETH in your claim which makes it even higher pay. Claims straight to FH.

      • “TIP: There is a limited number of popunders that can be shown to a user so while there may be a lot initially with your first few claims, the more you claim, the less you will encounter and the quicker you can claim.”
    • A bit of a different type of faucet. This has only a list of shortlinks that you can complete once per day and each completed link pays out a high amount of BTC. The claim goes straight to your Faucethub account. This is a brand new site and the admin will be adding more features and links to claim in the future.
	Well, that concludes this batch of my favorite crypto faucets
	to grind on the daily.  Slowely but surely you'll eventually 
	see the pennies add up! 

	My advice would be to choose two or three coins to collect,
	focus on just those and you'll accumulate coin even faster!

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