Tezos, Binance and India. A Tezo Foundation For The India Unbanked Market?
Tezos Foundation India Binance

Tezos, Binance and India. A Tezo Foundation For The India Unbanked Market?

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 18 Feb 2020

Everyone is aware of the recent increase in price of Tezos shooting all the way up to $4 and finding some very solid support at $3 range when Bitcoin dropped significantly today and on Sunday. However many are not aware of new market opening up in India.

Crypto Around The World.

The thing with crypto is it helps the unbanked. Many in cryoto hold coins not because of trading, speculation, margins, or even holding for the "moon". Many hold crypto because its their only way to have funds as their government has failed them. May it be liberal policies that corrupt the system and bankrupt its nation or a war torn area or even area where there is no development just other countries plundering the locals nation of resources like China is doing in Africa.

Binance and Tezo Foundation?

One Nation just so happens to have a banking issue where their government and banking system failed its people. That nation is India. Believe it or not there is a lot of crypto that changes hands in these countries hourly. With Binance India and Tezos Foundation this could very well be a big boom for Tezos that may push it past Link?


First What is Tezo Foundation?

Here is an excerpt from their website. (USA) (INDIA)

Tezos Foundation

Grants offer a strategic way to empower community members, such as educational and research institutions, developers, or enthusiasts from all over the world, in contributing to Tezos. The grant making process will be separated into two tracks.

Tezos Foundation is Tezos and they will facilitate its growth in many markets. The website shows many upcoming events. Which will only add to the drive of its coin Tezos.

The Tezo's Foundation also has an India branch and their twitter posted this.

Needless to say that this could be a huge win for us Tezos holders. The question is, will you be able to hold once it reaches $5? $10? or more. I try not to give price predictions or my general thoughts on where crypto could go in aspects of Lambos and Moons but with Tezos I'm finding it hard to contain my self. Tezos has given my heart some pump action while I sit an wait on Cardano (ADA) and Vechain (VET) lol.


Disclaimer: Tezos (XTZ) is now 40% of my Coinbase Portfolio.


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