Reddit useres expose SEC Stock Exchange Manipulation to protect Hedge Funds

Reddit exposes SEC New York Stock Exchange Manipulation of US Market and Robinhood shows their hand.

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 28 Jan 2021

The year is 2021 and everyone is looking forward to getting 2020 behind them. Within the first month history is made by Reddit and its users. Its not even February yet and and we start the year off in a sprint. You will be telling your children about this. Where you were, how you made or lost money, and enjoyed a cold beer as privileged hedge funds who got their jollies off making money off people like you and me by shorting and manipulating stocks. It will make you feel like a real Robbinhood......but wait its the year 2021 and you're in for a roller coaster ride so buckle up because Robinhood is about to stab the little guy in the back.....




A group of traders on Reddit that group goes by the name Wall Street Bets aka WallStreetBets. Group is composed mostly of Robinhood traders. Many of which have a good amount of cash at their disposal, not just the $600 stimulus check the media uses as insult to these traders. Like many groups of traders on say Discord making calls on stocks and people either jump in or short based on signals. This is perfectly legal and these people arent forced or receive any kind of money to make these investments as a group or individually.

they made multiple trades and the influx of a mass of investors in single stock at once caused these stocks like Gamestop (GME) to skyrocket up to 50%, 150% and even over 200% now this may not seem like crazy numbers if you are in the crypto world as many coins can see these movements daily if not weekly. So why the fuss? 

The Group was censored and shutdown on Discord and their Reddit group was shut but now it it back.


Hedge Funds

Hedge funds make a killing shorting stocks into submission. This mass influx of Reddit users investing into say Gamestop (GME) caused the stock to skyrocket from about $11 to over $400 in spanse of about two days. The fuss happened when hedge funds went bust due to this. Their short positions got destroyed and one hedge fund lost 2.7 billion USD in about one day. These hedge funds did get a bailout.


SEC (Security Exchance Commision) and New York Stock Exchange


The SEC immediately took notice. They haulted these stocks for a period of time on the first day. GME went up to about $300 in the first day. About The second day it went up to $450. The SEC and Stock Exchange imediatly started to manipulate the stocks and Exchanges like TD Ameritrade, Etrade, Webull and Robinhood just to name a few. The SEC and stock exchange forced these companies (Brokers) to halt and delist these stocks from their service. The white house was reportedly involved with the companies denying service to freely trade these stock. On the market open everything was immediately stopped in a systematic effort with these companies colluding with SEC and the stock exchange. These brokers all reported "system outages" all at the same time at open of the market, a bit suspect no?




Robinhood Joins the Fray...

Robinhood is a popular broker among "the peasants" of the trading world that the wealthy try to feed on all the while they condescend these investors. The Robinhood investors single handily exposed SEC manipulation with the stock exchange. Many professionals went on shows like MSNBC to trash talk these investors in a how dare they attack these rich people mentality. As the SEC closed in Robinhood was pressured by SEC and The White House to stop these trades and users. Many users lost money because of Rboinhood's actions per order of the SEC. Many couldn't access their accounts, couldn't close positions, had positions removed, missing shares, missing money, etc etc.




The Reddit group single handily exposed  the Stock Exchange corruption and removed free trade from the market place by manipulating the outcomes and showing SEC hand in their control of stocks in favor of corporate hedge funds. Every investor is told about risks, even the big investors talk on shows warning about risks all the while they are purchasing what they are warning you not to purchase. Investment is risky we are all told this. Hedge funds know the risks so why was SEC getting involved tto save them and these hedge funds received a bailout too. Where is the random investors bailout when their trade goes bad? Where is sec involvement when your short gets liquidated? The SEC was exposed in their involvement of stock manipulation and cordnation with Hedge funds to keep stocks suppressed.

Robinhood Illegal Activities


I have bailed on the stock exchanges for over a week. I also bailed on January 1st 2019 right befor stocks tanked. Ever since then I have been investing my money in crypto and have been making a killing. These investors should jump into crypto and see what a 1000x looks like because these Stonks are child's play in comparison.... I am happy that hedge funds went bust, ill sleep at night. I didn't jump into the fray because I instantly knew SEC would jump in and take control. SEC claims to be for fairness and free trade but they are actually about control and manipulation. Ive seen it before and everyone got a taste of this history making.


Whats going to Happen Now?

Well there have been reported over several thousands of lawsuits launched against both the SEC and Robinhood for their manipulation. Even Senators and Congress elected officials have taken notice. Reddit has made history indeed in exposing the manipulation, this isnt over by a long shot. The reprocutions of this will be unfolding for months after.

Alexadria Ocasio-CortezDonald Trump JR


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