Project Centauri Immersive playable Planet NFT Game on Zilliqa

Project Centauri a special Planetary NFT that offers exploration, mining and more on Zilliqa

By TiddyBit | Stonks | 21 May 2022

Something new and exciting is on the Zilliqa blockchain where you can explore your very own planetary NFT, Gone are the days of simple flat NFTs? In a way Project Centauri seems to think so. 

Minting Planets, Moons and Gas Giants? Oh My!

When minting just about anything now days on virtually any blockchain you'll get an NFT similar to others. Project Centauri is a little different than that. When you mint your planet(s) while they maybe similar you will get a random planet, moon or gas giant. Each one will have different stats and characteristics from one another.  One could be a desert and another one could have life flourishing from fauna to wild life.

"Planets are generated procedurally and vary wildly depending on their position in the Centauri constellation."


Revealing Your Planet!

Once you have minted your NFT planets you will need to reveal them for what kind of attributes you may get. These attributes will reveal what type of planet, moon, or gas giant you will get. What type of atmosphere, Ocean, Land, Grass, Trees and more are all graded. Which will produce an outcome for your planet when you explore it. From Desert, Lapis Lazuli and even Bedrock Biomes and more will all determine how your planets will look like when you use your spaceship to explore it.

"Planets with an atmosphere can house various types of organisms, you might even find aliens!

The vegitation of a planet is determined by factors such as location, biome, atmosphere and more."



Exploring Your Planets!

Project Centauri will be launching thier game client where players can immerse themselves within their NFT planets collection. After minting and revealing them. Soon you will be able to experience your planets.

"From the mountains in the distance to the moons in orbit, everything can be freely explored by spacecraft."


Using the BLOX SDK

Project Centauri uses the Zilliqa Gaming SDK called Blox SDK which is primairly focused for game developers without having to learn the intricacies of Zilliqa's Blockchain. Blox SDK helps avoid transaction fees by saving data off chain. Whitepaper

"BLOX is a software development kit which aims at assisting video game developers with integrating the
blockchain into their applications. Developing a decentralized application requires a lot of knowledge of
blockchain technology such as wallets, transaction GAS fees, smart contracts et cetera.

The BLOX SDK aims to simplify the blockchain for both users and developers, providing a smooth
website-builder like experience."

Asteroid Mining a Play to Earn.

It was recently announced that there will be a play to earn type mechanics added to the game. You will be able to transform your planets, it is unkown if you could build on the planets yet or create something bigger at this time. Anticipation of the game client is quite large and with the announcement of the guidebook and roadmap being released after the game client. this could be huge?

Buying Items and Ships

Arthur a Developer has stated there there will be other ships available for purchase and more items available as time goes on. The "Marketplace" will use $Zil and $Blox as method in payment for these items. It is currently unknown what items and ships will have or do at this time.








First and foremost I have not received any incentive of any kind to write this. I currently do not hold any $blox in my portfolio. I own a few planets and moons. I am currently an Ambassador for Zilliqa and EnviZion Communities.

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