Lora Mini-Long Distance Wireless Module

Lora Mini-Long Distance Wireless Module

By Crypto [Neo] | StoneTek | 1 Apr 2019

Hey everyone, wanted to show you guys something really cool I found over the weekend, The LoRA Mini-Long distance wireless module. I’m actually so excited about getting these that I just could NOT wait to tell you guys about them before actually receiving them, so I apologize for this post being a tad shorter than normal. Normally, when creating an IoT device one is somewhat limited in communication range, and the solutions available normally don’t INCLUDE the microcontroller! Meet the LoRa module, a extremely long distance wireless solution that includes a BUILT-IN ATMega328P!


While the data rates are limited, this is a PERFECT solution for someone looking to send data over extremely long distances wirelessly. It is based off the SX1276/1278 wireless module so it’s also got great noise immunity and signal-to-noise ratios while minimizing the current consumption of the module. Indeed the “long-distance” aspect should be emphasized; In one case a user was able to get a strong data connection at 7kM and wasn’t able to test it further as that was the maximum size within the factory he worked at. 10kM is certainly a realistic expectation, and with proper antennas 2-4x as far shouldn’t be out of the question!


The great thing is that this module comes in a dev board style package, allowing for rapid development of extremely long-range devices for any electronics enthusiast. The creation of smart sensor mesh networks, data-relays, smart security systems, and more; becomes possible for anyone on a budget. I’m planning on using it to relay data from an R/C plan to the ground, as well as some high-altitude balloon experiments in the far future.


If you’re interested, these modules can be bought on Tindie.com, a place for electronics enthusiasts to sell their creations to the world. It comes in 433, 868, and 915MhZ variants; so make sure to check which frequency is legal where you live so you aren’t breaking any laws. The module runs $15 USD and the dev board runs $23 USD, not expensive at all!


Dev Board:

When these come in the mail, I’ll make another post reviewing them myself, so until then!
What would you make with a 10kM+ data connection? Tell us in the comments, I’d love to hear it.

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