Bitomatic - up to 14% monthly

By Stiv90 | stiv90 | 7 Feb 2021

Hi folks,

it's been a lot of time from my previous post.

Today I want talk with you about Bitomatic.

What is Bitomatic? 

It's a private platform built with the latest technology and they are a bridge from opportunity and members.

Bitomatic works with Cryptocurrencies, Options Trading and Real Estate.

You deposit your money and after 5 days (time to activate the deposit) the platform will share with you some profits (around 0,40-0,50% daily) only on working days.

How can I join this platform?

Click on this link Bitomatic and fill all fields.

After that, you have to buy at least 44$ BTOK.

BTOK is the internal token of Bitomatic Platform, the value will always connected with USDT. When you deposit BITCOIN on Bitomatic, the system will converted them on BTOK.

TICK is another currency and will be used to unlock special features (like ref levels).

After you have deposited BITCOIN (converted automatically by the system to BTOK) on the platform, you have to choose where to invest:

- BITHOME, Flipping House -> 10 up to 50% in 2-4 months 

                    BitFlip -> 35 up to 70% in 2-4 months

                    REnt2Rent -> 4 up to 6% return monthly, from 4 to 7 years

- BITPOOL, Plan 1 -> 44 to 4999 BTOK, up to 14% monthly, locked for 150 days

                   Plan 2 -> 5000 to 29999 BTOK, up to 18% monthly, locked for 150 days

                   Plan 3 -> +30000 BTOK, up to 20% monthly, locked for 150 days

Until 20 Febr you will earn +2% extra every month on BitPool

I think this platform can bring a lot of satisfaction, so join fast and start to earn!


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