Why do some relationships seem much more significant than others?

By stevea68 | SteveA | 6 Jan 2021

There are times I've had encounters with people that have particularly stood out.  Sometimes it's simply a small smile while passing by someone I've never seen since or someone whose said things that stuck in my mind and changed / motivated me.  At times it can be a relationship that lasts for years or most of my life.  Other times it's just a small handful of possibly short interactions, but in pretty much every case it's had some form of lasting impact and I believe that's probably true for things I no longer even remember ... my view is that things that I keep remembering or continue to come back to mind have some element that is unresolved to them and are similar to recurring reminders that there's something I still haven't resolved, whereas those things that become forgotten over time have instead become a part of me / what I am and no longer need to be remembered as something external.

I don't really want to limit this to just relationships between people, because in a similar sense it could be some other experience in life - maybe seeing the Grand Canyon strikes something in a person that recuringly brings back memories and feelings for years afterwards or possibly it's a realization upon seeing a rainbow that the colors of it that are visible are only a small part of what it actually represents.  It may be good that things can be subtle and take time to process in order to avoid overwhelm if someone were to be overly attached to ... whatever it is.

There's a video I recently listened to that really "clicked" for me.  I enjoy that the username she used is "Infinity" because I believe this is partly what's involved.  Just like trying to predict the weather, there are limits to how far into the future one can feel confidence about estimates of what will occur.  I believe some of those feelings of significance imply a large potential or chemistry that could evolve in quite large and also likely unpredictable ways.

Though maybe the future, in the long run, is largely unknown it could be that some feelings give clues to what could be safe and secure versus what could have much larger and possibly enduring dynamics ... just some thoughts to consider.

Here's that video:

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