Thought of the day: Psychosomatic wellness and illness

By stevea68 | SteveA | 10 Feb 2021

I had some interesting (and confusing) dreams last night but a theme that seemed to be involved was that much of the health or well being (and similarly sickness) is potentially due to (mis)matches between ones beliefs about how life is and how life truly is.  There do seem to be some common examples of how ones emotions or thoughts can affect how well someone feels (for example feeling nauseous can easily occur by thoughts or whether or not someone happens to notice a physical pain can be affected by where ones attention is placed). 

The basic idea is that if ones beliefs about life "works" is matched well with truths in reality, this makes life easier, including physical health and well being and similarly that conflicts between assumptions or beliefs can also result in physical problems and that ones body is a reflection of how one interacts with an environment and the efficacy of those interactions are dependent upon how well those beliefs and the environment regarding those beliefs are matched.

As an additional idea, consider that two people / "observers" may not experience reality in the same way and it could be possible that differences in how each individual experiences / lives life that causes boundaries for the "realms" in which interactions can occur.  As an example, consider if someone just loves sea life like whales or dolphins etc., but they themself can only visit ocassionally for as long as the scuba gear and oxygen tanks hold out, or alternately that a dolphin may enjoy being with people but can't live in comfort for a long time away from the ocean.

Hmmm ... that just reminded me of a couple more videos ( almost predictable huh?)  

No Ordinary Love by Sade

And another one, from a different perspective by Sioned O'Conner that's a cover of Song Of The Siren by Tim Buckley


Just a(nother) random subject I wanted to "toss out there" for anyone interested.

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