Music Compilation #45 - Lonestar

By stevea68 | SteveA | 30 Jan 2021

I don't play much country music, so let's change that.  These are a few selections of music by Lonestar.

I had a playlist running and came across this first one, which was the motivation to search around and do this post.  Music is a pleasure so I'll search around whether I have an excuse to or not ;)

You're Like Coming Home by Lonestar (It's 360p resolution but the audio sounds fine to me)

I thought this song was largely a tribute to Elvis Presley but it was actually written by Marc Cohn and is about a personal experience he had.

Walking In Memphis a cover by Lonestar of the original by Marc Cohn 


Now, should I resist posting a cheesy, sappy, romantic overly dripping cliche of a video?  No, let's go for a fail on this.

Aye, aye.  Failure it is, Sir! ;)

If It Wasn't For You - Lonestar

Hey, cool part is I think there's a bit of truth to that last video ... that works for me :)


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