Music Compilation #11 ( electronic dance and trance music )

By stevea68 | SteveA | 25 Nov 2020

Since the Vocal Trance post did well, these are some more electronic dance and trance music selections you may enjoy:

Here's a remix of both Ecstasy and Apollo Road by ATB with Dash Berlin (tough to resist that smooth synth bassline)

Here's one that's a bit different with quite a unique ebb and flow to the music.  It's from the Album "Blueprint" by Ferry Corsten which is intended to be a collection of songs themed around the evolution of a story regarding extraterrestrial contact with Earth.

Trust from the album Blueprint by Ferry Corsten (Remember to play it loud enough that the neighbors can enjoy it too!!!  Sharing is caring =)


Emma Hewitt has a great voice and shows it well in this one:

So should we keep on waiting or crank up the volume?  Hmmm .... ok, I'll stop with the tease ;)

Waiting by Dash Berlin with Emma Hewitt

Here's a bit slower one with some great time lapse photography:

An Aurosonic remix of Tears by Headstrong with Stine Grove



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