17 U.S. States joining Texas in suit regarding Unconstitutional election processes in other States

By stevea68 | SteveA | 10 Dec 2020

Texas filed a lawsuit regarding invalid election results due to violating Article 2, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution that specifies State Legislators are responsible to determine State election proceedings and specifically select Electors for the Presidential Election.  This responsibility has apparently been implicitly ceded, by precedent, in some States to various other branches of their State government, such as the Governor or the Secretary of State etc.

The Legislative Branch is intentionally, the most numerous and "grassroots" of the 3 branches.  The U.S. Constitution actually specifies that there can be no fewer than 1 Legislator per 30,000 people in order to help assure the Legislative branch is accessible by individuals.

If elections and voting results are instead passed to a few news outlets or a single Governor in a State, this makes democratic processes much more difficult to ensure and 17 other States are joining the suit.  Though, in many respects, State Legislations are free to conduct elections as they desire, with regard to the Presidential election there are specific Constitutional requirements as to what valid Electors are.  So, if multiple sets of Electors are sent to vote for a President, which set of Electors from a State is the valid one and who/what makes that decision and enforces it or, alternately, is ABLE to enforce it.

In order to retain a Constitutional government, it's suppose to be the State Legislators that determine this (not A.P. news or a Secretary of State etc.), but there could additionally be concerns as to the reliability of various channels of information and things could fall apart if people lose confidence in media sources.

It appears some popular reactions are coming to the surface and some news sources are beginning to back pedal a bit on the early election declarations.

Here are a couple video links for those interested (though rumor has it YouTube has been biasing information or removing channels, so who knows how long these may remain valid)

The tentative inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden has been delayed and some State Legislations may simply not certify any Electors and effectively give no votes to any Presidential candidate, in which case Congress may have to vote for a President (that would likely go in favor of a reelection for President Trump).

Overall, hopefully people get a result they can work with.


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