The Elderly in Transit

The Elderly in Transit

By Steve B Howard | Steve B Howard | 17 Apr 2019

You drowse in the rhythm of the
JR train’s click over the tracks
opening your eyes briefly as
the train hushes into another station.

This half-consciousness,
more like forced meditation
on an icy morning than real sleep;
you draw out a long over due yawn as
Koizume Station drifts past.

With eyes now open,
green and alien to
the dominating browns
you watch for your stop
through the window.

A row of half sleeping Japanese,
faces tight as concrete, are
reflected back at you
in the window.

You wonder why the softness of a
child’s nap always eludes
them on the sleepy
late afternoon trains.

Steve B Howard
Steve B Howard

I'm a semi-pro spewer of sometimes interesting sounding gibberish. I write a lot of different stuff including poetry, haiku, haibun, flash fiction, short stories, and essays.

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