Just in Case: a short story and haibun collection FREE in May!!!

By Steve B Howard | Steve B Howard | 28 Apr 2019

Just In Case: a collection of short stories and Haibun



The Brother I Will Never Know

He never had a name. At least not one you knew of before you left Viet Nam. When the story of your son came up the only names that were mentioned were the derogatory ones she called you in English and Vietnamese when you told her you were being shipped home and she wasn't coming with you. 
"Da Nang got overrun in '65 a year after I left. Probably didn't survive anyway," you always said. Sentiment for that year was stubbed out long ago the like burned cigarettes that overflowed your ashtray.

war is for action
consequences and regret
are for death beds

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Steve B Howard
Steve B Howard

I'm a semi-pro spewer of sometimes interesting sounding gibberish. I write a lot of different stuff including poetry, haiku, haibun, flash fiction, short stories, and essays.

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