Grandfather's Flies

Grandfather's Flies

By Steve B Howard | Steve B Howard | 7 Apr 2019

Near the stream’s edge
in the dank reeds he
carefully observes the
flying invertebrate.

From his tin he selects a tan
and brown Caddis pattern
tied in blond elk hair
and deep brown rabbit fur.

He crouches to avoid tossing
shadows while making his back cast.
The bamboo rod creaks softly as
he lays the silk gut, leader, tippet
and fly gently into the languorous

A spotted snout breaks the steam’s
surface to engulf the Caddis and he
is fast into Sunday night’s dinner.

Steve B Howard
Steve B Howard

I'm a semi-pro spewer of sometimes interesting sounding gibberish. I write a lot of different stuff including poetry, haiku, haibun, flash fiction, short stories, and essays.

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